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If you’re in college, you may have heard how valuable it is to have a mentor. A mentor is someone who can guide you through the challenges of finding a career, as they’ve been in the same position. They can offer advice on what kind of internships would most benefit you and connect you with people who can help you reach your goals. However, finding a mentor can be challenging if your college doesn’t have a program already in place. Here are four ways to help find a mentor while you’re in college.

Talk to upperclassmen
A mentor doesn’t need to be someone who is significantly older and more experienced than you are. A mentor can be someone who is only a few years older, but still has useful information to pass along to you. The older students in your major classes likely already have experience with applying to internships and writing resumes. Work on forming relationships with some of these students and see if they’re willing to help you with those skills.

Utilize your professors
Forming a close relationship with your professors will benefit you in more way than one. A professor in your major can help you decide which classes will benefit you the most and likely have connections with others in the field. If there’s a professor you think having a relationship with would help you, work on cultivating that relationship. Show up to their office hours on a regular basis with questions. Reach out to them over summer breaks just to keep the lines of communication open and to remind them that you care.

Network with alumni
Many college graduates would love the chance to help out undergraduate students. They’ve been exactly where you are and know how tricky it is navigating the career world. Your department likely hosts networking events for alumni and current students. Make it a point to attend those events and have genuine conversations with the alumni. If not, ask your adviser if there’s a database of alumni contact information and reach out to some with a simple invitation to get coffee and see where the relationship goes.

Find an internship
An internship is a valuable resource for learning career skills and determining if your major is the proper fit for you. It’s also a place where you’ll meet people working in the same career you’re hoping to break into. Likely, someone in your internship will be responsible for giving you work and checking in with you. Try to form a mentor relationship with them. Ask them questions about the work they do and how they got their job. Learn everything you can from them during the time of your internship, and try to maintain the relationship after your time at the company has ended.