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For most people, college is the first opportunity they have to live independently from their family. It’s easy to take that freedom and run with it, but that isn’t in your best interest. You should enjoy yourself during college, but you should also use it to learn and grow. Here are four pieces of advice that will help you make the most out of your time.


Attend extracurricular lectures

Many colleges and universities bring a variety of guest speakers to campus each year. These may be successful business people in the area, or authors with a new book dealing with a topic of interest to college students, or a historian to talk about a significant event. No matter the guest speaker, make it a point to attend these lectures. These people have valuable insight to share, and you get the chance to learn something new, often for free.


Play an intramural sport

Intramural sports help you stay active and meet people with similar interests. Most colleges offer different men, women and co-ed teams for a variety of different sports. If you’re not the world’s greatest athlete, don’t worry. Intramurals are not as serious as playing for the college’s team. While there is a healthy sense of competition, the sports are played for fun.


Attend career fairs

While college is a fun time to learn how to live independently, don’t forget what the point of it all is: getting a career in your chosen field. To set yourself up for success, take advantage of the opportunities your school provides to you, like career fairs. Most colleges and universities host career fairs each year, with companies looking both for full-time employees and interns. Don’t only attend as a senior about to graduate, start going as a sophomore so you can see the choices that are out there for you. Also, try to get an internship with one of the companies. Internships offer incredibly valuable experience and set you apart from your competition.


Build friendships

If you’re someone who is shy or quiet, it can be hard to branch out during college. You’re surrounded by people you don’t know, and it may feel like everyone else already has plenty of friends. However, friends you make during college are often ones that will follow you throughout your life. They can also be a great resource for finding jobs after graduation. Branch out by starting conversations with people in your classes and attending dorm socials.